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Public notice for seeking sponsors for the following initiatives, occurrences, exhibitions, various events and/or to support the ordinary activity: Italian National Day 2 June 2016

By this public notice the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh intends to proceed with the search for sponsorships for the organization of the “Festa della Repubblica 2016” (Celebration of Italian National Day 2016) which will take place on the evening of June 2, 2016 at the Residence of H.E. Ambassador Luca Ferrari.


Characteristics and essential elements of sponsorship proposals: Applications may relate to financial sponsorships (in the form of supply of financial funds) and technical sponsorships (direct provision of services or supply of goods) or they may provide both forms (in part financial and in part technical);

the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh may allow the presence of more sponsors for the initiative funding. The sponsorship proposals are not to be considered binding for the sponsored party (the Embassy) for the formalization of the contract.


Elements of the sponsorship’s agreement: The Sponsorship is operationally aimed at making available the resources for the financing of the National Day of June 2, 2016. The relations between the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh, as sponsee, and the sponsors, will be governed by separate contracts under current Italian legislation. The sponsor shall remain liable for the expenses relating to the payment of any taxes, fees or charges, however denominated, under any Italian or Saudi laws or regulations, arising from this contract.


Identification of general commitments of the Sponsée: to those selected as sponsors, the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh will ensure high visibility on all informational material produced and, in particular:

  • the involved sponsor’s logo will be imprinted on invitations cards ;
  • the sponsors will have ten invitations to offer to their contacts, after prior notification of the contacts’ names to this Embassy for the purpose of the normal security and entry procedures;
  • involved sponsors may distribute to participants promotional material of their activities;
  • the speech delivered by the Ambassador will include the mention of each single supporting entity.


Commitments of the sponsor: Those who are selected as sponsor will, in general, have the obligation to the payment of a fund or the provision of services/supplies to the sponsee.


Requirements to be met by the sponsor:

  • consistency with the public interests of the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh;
  • absence of conflict of interest between the public activity and the private one which is subject of sponsorship or advertising;
  • absence of injury or damage to the image of the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh or its initiatives;
  • absence of litigation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • inexistence of detrimental or restrictive situations impacting the contractual ability.


Persons to whom the notice is addressed and configuration of sponsorship proposals: Persons to whom the notice is addressed are public or private organizations, companies and other entities wishing to promote their image through collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh, contributing to the implementation of the specified initiative.


Sponsorship offers must compulsorily contain:

  • Acceptance of the clauses contained in the notice;
  • That they meet the general requirements referred to in Article. 38 of the Legislative Decree n. 163/2006 for qualifying to contracting with the Public Administration;
  • That there are no impediments arising from anti-mafia legislation or from having undergone measures of prevention;
  • The non-existence of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Non-affiliation to political, trade-union, philosophical or religious organizations;
  • If a legal entity, name of the legal representative.


Notice duration and examination of proposals: This notice will remain published until 31.05.2016. The received sponsorship offers will be evaluated by managers and officials of the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh.

On the basis of offers received we will identify the persons for the conclusion of contracts. Priority is given to proposals that present the greatest possible funding and, in cases of technical or “mixed” sponsorship, projects in direct competition with each other will be assessed according to the most economically advantageous tender and on the basis of coherence and integration between the sponsored public activity and promotion of the sponsor. In case of applications in direct competition with each other, the sponsee reserves the right to initiate, in accordance with the principles of transparency and level playing field among the contracting parties, a further negotiation between the parties in order to maximize the benefit to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not excluding the possibility of coexistence of the proposals.
Sponsorship proposals are not to be considered binding for the sponsee for the formalization of the contract. In particular, the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh, in its sole discretion, reserves the right not to accept proposals which, because of the nature of the sponsorship or of the sponsor’s activities, are deemed incompatible with the institutional role of the Embassy itself. The sponsee also reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship not deemed consistent with the purpose of the initiative.


Procedures for submission of proposals: Offers, whether financial or technical, must be sent by mail to: or For further information and clarification on the initiative, you are invited to contact the Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy at the following numbers: + 966 114881212 (ext. 145 or 121) or email or


Personal data protection: pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003: Applicant entities give their consent to the processing of personal data for the sole purpose of administrative and accounting management. The “Data Controller” is the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh.

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