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Undersecretary Di Stefano addresses the Middle East Green Initiative Summit

The Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Manlio Di Stefano, spoke on October 25th in Riyadh at the Middle East Green Initiative Summit, attended by heads of state and government, and the Foreign Ministers of 30 countries.

“We are experiencing a confluence of crises – economic, health and climate – at the global level, and we have to deal with them in a holistic manner” – the Undersecretary began. “Italy, in its current position presiding over the G20 and as a partner of the UK in the CoP 26 initiative, performs a fundamental role in guiding the world toward ecological and energetic transition, to combat and mitigate climate change.

During the Summit, the participants discussed the role of public finance in accelerating transition and directing even the private sector toward green investments. “It is essential for the developed countries to help the developing ones to “bypass” the epoch of fossil fuels and to industrialize directly on a basis of sustainable logics.” – the Undersecretary urged.

“We support our businesses in the sectors of renewables, hydrogen, energy efficiency and the electrification of the most polluting production sectors.” – continued Di Stefano. “We are doing the same throughout Europe because we know that without an adequate market all this will only be a mirage. Our Recovery Plan allocates 40% of the resources available to this fundamental goal: progressive and complete climate neutrality of our society by 2050, as well as development of an increasingly circular economy and greater protection of nature and biodiversity.”

“Today in Riad we have a precious opportunity to continue our discussion about the future with all the countries meeting here, in an effort to agree on concrete solutions now, so that when we get to 2030 and then to the midpoint of the century, the planet will be in better health and living conditions will be better for all humanity and the other natural species” – concluded Di Stefano.

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