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Statements of equal value

To have your Saudi qualifications recognised in Italy, whether to continue your studies (school/University), or for work purposes, you will need to contact the relevant Italian consular office in the Kindgom, who will issue a “Dichiarazione di Valore” (DV).

This is a declaration whereby the Consulate confirms the value of the qualifications attained in Saudi Arabia, with reference to the local educational system.

The “DV” is neither an equivalent of an Italian qualification nor a comparability certificate.

It will be up to the relevant Italian institutions (Ministry of Education, Uffici Scolastici Provinciali, Universities, etc.) to subsequently declare if a foreign qualification has a similar Italian equivalent: this is called “equipollenza” (equivalence/certificate of comparability).

Please note that the “Declaration of Value” can only be requested for already-completed study cycles (e.g., A-level, Bachelor, Master, etc.).

The consular section of the Italian Embassy in Riyadh can be reached for enquiries at