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News from the Consular Chancery


News from the Consular Chancery

Tax incentives for the return of workers to Italy
Law no. 238 of 30 December 2010 "Tax incentives for the return of workers to Italy", in force since 28 January 2011, was published in the Italian Official Gazette no. 9 of 13 January 2011. Its purpose is to encourage, through tax incentives in the form of lower income tax, the return to Italy of persons who have gained training or professional experience abroad and move to our country to carry out employment, self-employment or business activities.
By 29 March 2011, the categories of beneficiaries must be identified and the implementing provisions of the law must be issued.
i reserves the right to illustrate the administrative procedures necessary for the return to Italy of the persons concerned, delegated to the consular offices, once the implementing provisions of the law have been issued.
Annex (in italian): Text of Law no. 238 of 30 December 2010


Issuance of passports containing the fingerprints of the holder
Regulation (EC) 2252/2004 requires Member States to issue electronic passports in which, in addition to the facial image, the fingerprints of the holder are stored on the microchip.
On 11/01/2010 this Embassy started issuing passports with fingerprints. Nationals interested in issuing a passport are invited to go personally to this Passport Office for fingerprinting by appointment online.
Annex (in italian): Information in accordance with Art. 13 of the D. LG. No. 196/2003 "Personal data protection code".


Certification of the existence of living INPS pensioners residing abroad
In order for INPS to certify the existence of life, the self-certification by pensioners residing abroad must be authenticated by the Italian Consulate.


Honorary decoration of family members for foibe victims
Law no. 92 of 30 March 2004 "Establishment of the Day of Remembrance in memory of the victims of the foibe, of the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, of the events on the eastern border and granting of recognition to the relatives of the infoibati" in art. 3 provides that the surviving spouse, children, grandchildren and, in their absence, relatives up to the sixth degree of those who, from September 8, 1943 to February 10, 1947 in Istria, Dalmatia or in the provinces of the current eastern border, have been suppressed and ignored, is granted, upon request and as an honorific without cheques, a metal placard with its diploma.
Attachments (in italian):
text of the law
outline of the application for the granting of recognition


Amendment of the Passport Act
Strarting on 25 November 2009, minors must have an individual passport with differentiated time validity.
View details (in italian)


Institution of the "extraordinary bonus"
It should be noted that Legislative Decree no. 185 of 29 November 2008, converted into Law no. 2 of 28 January 2009, established the so-called "extraordinary bonus" or "family bonus" in favour of families, workers, pensioners and non-self-sufficient persons.
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Article by the Apostolic Vicar Monsignor Paul Hinder
An article by Bishop Paul Hinder, Apostolic Vicar in Arabia on Christmas in the lands of Islam.
View the article (in italian)


Extension of validity of identity cards
With the entry into force of the Decree Law n.112 of 25 June 2008 all paper identity cards valid on 25/06/2008 can be extended by the Consular Office of the Embassy for a further 5 years.
The extension of electronic identity cards can only be made by the municipality that issued the document.